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Small Business:
Online bill payments
General organization
Storage and archiving
Debt consolidation
IRS or MA State Audit

Personal Services:
Senior Elderly Services
Money Management
Tax Preparation
Divorce Financials
Debt consolidation


Bookkeeper Services in Boston             617-584-2728

Bookkeeping Boston helps manage personal Maria Boston Bookeeper Proprieter
and business finances by efficiently organizing bank statements, invoices, bills, receivables, payables and tax filings to keep your finances moving in the right direction.

Do what you do best and let Bookkeeping Boston keep you moving in the right direction.

Maria's skillsets keep her clients on track, eliminating errors, fees and late payments. She keeps clients organized, in control of their finances, to get the information they need to make wise decisions with graphs and reports at their fingertips. Finally, Maria works with accountants to deliver the information they need in a timely way.

Your accountant will appreciate we use QuickBooks to help organize and keep you organized. If you don't use QuickBooks we will get your business or personal finances setup. From then on it's easy, with weekly or monthly account management depending on your needs and situation.

  Save money! Don't give it away. Take back control of your financial matters. Maria is here to help.

Maria understands the uncertainty you may feel opening up your finances.  With many years of experience and readily available referrals you will hear how Maria takes the greatest care in safeguarding your personal information and the trust you place in her. Whether it be small business, elderly services, or personal finances Maria is here to help.

Call 617-584-2728 to schedule a no obligation consultation meeting at your business, office or home location. Do what you do best and leave the bookkeeping to us.

Helpful Resources

Senior Finances:
How Bookkeeping Helps Keep Your Loved One from Being Overwhelmed

Are you helping take care of an elderly friend or loved one who needs help with their finances? Poor eyesight can prevent the elderly from seeing numbers and figures – or seeing them correctly. Arthritis can make it difficult to hold pens, seal envelopes, and file forms. Is your senior’s house awash in crumpled pieces of paper with financial information on them, but you have no idea what they mean? Maria has the patience to work with your senior loved one on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and report back to you or an accountant. The Institute of Aging has a wonderful article for more information or call 617-584-2728


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