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Now you can bring order to your financials. It's easy, it's confidential,
and best of all it works. Call for a personal and confidential consultation.


Divorce Financials

Forensic Investigation


Debt Consolidation


Budget Control &

General Organization

IRS or Massachusetts State Audit

* Compile financial data for attorney or accountant

* Prepare and execute a court financial statement for divorce

* Financial consulting during and post divorce

* Create financial budgets based on new lifestyle

* Secure your personal and professional finances

* Ease your suspicions by researching and investigating your expenditures, assets and investments for fraud and theft

* We report our findings to you with accuracy to prove or disprove theft, fraud or embezzlement

* Assess and evaluate insurance premiums, credit card interest rates, mortgage interest rates, competitive utility bills and more

Example: bundling cable, internet and phone with one carrier saves time and money

* Consult on debt consolidation

* Analyze actual expenditures and business revenue for personal/small business

* Customize a budget for your personal/small business monthly expenses and revenue 

* Advise on how to stay within the allocated budget

* Forecast for upcoming income and expenses

* Prepare financial information reports for your attorney or accountant

* Catalog equipment, valuables, personal possessions and collectables for execution of legal documents such as Wills and Financial Statements

* Setup up online bill payments with your bank and instantly pay bills. No more writing checks or mailing

* Maintain monthly credit card and bank reconciliations

Customize chart of accounts for income and expenses in Quickbooks

* Assemble the financial information, reports, and statements (i.e. bank, credit card, mortgage etc.)  required for an IRS or Massachusetts Department of Revenue audit

* Accompany client at audit session with required materials audit


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