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Here's what our business and personal clients say about Bookkeeping Boston

"I know to the penny what I have spent and where. All transactions are recorded in my online QuickBooks account, and sorted by category. My financial affairs are clear and easy to understand. I look forward to your once-a-month visit. This is all it takes to keep me on track and out of the financial quagmire I used to be mired in. There really aren't enough words to express my appreciation and gratitude to you."

Peggy R.

"I never knew how much money I had spent or where I had spent it. I had way too many credit cards and was always falling for promotions that asked me to transfer my debt from one card to another to try and minimize the damage. Getting myself organized for tax season every year, prior to Bookkeeping Boston, took weeks of sorting through boxes looking for relevant information and trying to make sense of my unbalanced check book."

Anonymous Client

"We hired Bookkeeping Boston after working with several other bookkeepers from big agencies, references, etc., but no one was the right fit. Maria came right in, asked a lot of great questions about our business, took the time to understand how we've done things in the past and how our business works, and then MADE us change the things we needed to change to make everything more efficient and simple. She's been a great addition to our company's process and is a pleasure to work with, to boot."

Beehive Media

"Bookkeeping Boston was a lifesaver while I was going through my divorce. Maria organized my finances, reduced unnecessary costs and structured a budget. At the end of this process I was independent and organized."

 Anonymous Client

"Not only did they organize my business and financial life (and piles), they suggested and followed through on ideas that have saved me a lot of time and money."

Anita Wolf-Sole Proprieter

"Bookkeeping Boston has been keeping me organized for years. What would I do without you?"

Rick Colson
Business Owner


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